Call for Papers

The upcoming 2021 TAU workshop for junior scholars in law, which will be held in Tel-Aviv University Law School on November 14-16, 2021, will be dedicated to “Legal Change in Revolutionary Times.” We are seeking cutting-edge works in progress, in varied legal fields and written from a variety of methodological and theoretical perspectives, that investigate the role of law in revolutionary times, and we welcome works that broadly relate to the core themes of the workshop.

Themes of the Workshop

We live in revolutionary times. The word change fails to capture the radical transformations, revolutions indeed, that our planet and societies are undergoing: climate change, extreme automation and the emergence of artificial intelligence, genetic modification, the rise of new authoritarian regimes and radical political ideologies, and the spread of the Covid-19 – just to name a few. Together and separately, these revolutions threaten individuals and communities (but also create and foster the emergence of new ones), reorient industries and work, disrupt ways of life, reinvent what is the human, and reorganize hierarchies of power. Questions regarding the social, moral and political order, which seemed to have been long settled –  such as the normative dominance of liberal democracy – are now in accelerating flux, seemingly more open to debate but also more vulnerable to violent conflict than before.